Episode 2 - What's the Big Idea?

"What's the big idea?" This question is uttered and muttered thousands of times daily in New York City. Have you ever heard anyone answer it? What is the big idea, New York?

In this episode, recorded live in NYC, we play a game show to generate big ideas for the Big Apple to be a completely sustainable urban environment, that other metropolises (metropolai?) can replicate.

Meet the panel:

Rochelle March, artist and sustainability analyst, founder of Earth of Foxes

Lily Russell, supply chain analyst and founder of Explain the Chain

Tim Maher, catastrophe risk analyst

Do you think any of the ideas from this episode are feasible? Do you have any ideas for the challenge areas we discussed?

Episode 1 - I'm not a Scientist

In this episode, we look back at the history of climate science, from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution through the Kyoto Protocol. 

Then, we look at the possibilities and risks of the near future by speaking with climate scientist Dr. Benjamin Strauss from Climate Central

Finally, we offer some thoughts of hope and optimism about how we can stem the rising tides of climate change and ecological instability.

Below is the chart referenced in the episode, an updated version of the projections made by Donella Meadows in 1972.